British Pop Star John Newman to be Part of Tennis Tournament in St. Petersburg

> British Pop Star John Newman to be Part of Tennis Tournament in St. Petersburg
16 January 2017

John Newman, a British singer, composer and producer is a special guest and a headliner at the Closing Ceremony of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2017, a WTA Premier tennis event. This modest and buoyant artist from Yorkshire will appear on stage on 5 February, the final day of the tennis tournament to perform a few important tasks.

Closing Ceremony of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2017

This year, Formula TX – the tournament organizer, together with #Fulfilldreams – an event production centre, have built their traditional show around 5 hits by John Newman. The leading lines of his hits display the tournament concept of Girl Power. Each song lets the producers discover a different side of women’s strength: to give in, to be cunning, to sacrifice, to dedicate herself, to love.  John’s hit ‘Love me again’, with over half a milliard views on YouTube, will open the show. All the five songs have made it to Top-25 Hit Weekly Russia list at various times. John’s fans in Russia will be looking forward to hearing them live.

Eva Gabulova, the producer of the Closing Ceremony: John has fascinated us with his sincere music that celebrates femininity. Each song is a dialogue with a woman, as if John is sharing stage with his invisible muse. We have tried to recreate images of Newman’s songs through graphics, dance and visual effects and convey how John lives through the moment. In each song he is going to meet the woman he portrays with his words. It is going to be a valuable experience both for us and for the singer.

Natalia Kamelzon, the tournament director of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2017: It is a big honour for us to work together with this young British singer. We have chosen him not by chance. Firstly, tennis was born Britain, and there is passion for our sport in his genes. Secondly, John’s popularity in Europe is on the rise. That is common with our Russian stop on WTA Tour. We strive to make St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy an amazing, bright event with a distinct style of its own. We are sure that John will make the 2017 edition of our tournament unforgettable. Together with him, we prepare a few pleasant surprises.

GRL PWR – British Way

In John’s own words,’ the real strength of women is always their determination and driving force, traits that the women in this competition exhibit so fantastically. I think it is important to continue to support and bring attention to women’s sport. I want to make sure I show my personal support in the way I can.’

A son of Yorkshire has many times been enchanted by women. His début studio album ‘Tribute’ was written after breaking up with his girlfriend. The famous tattoo on his arm says: ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. John explained its meaning in his interview to Rolling Stones magazine: ‘I would like to meet my soul mate, but I don’t like the word ‘settle’. I want my life with that person to be big, long and exciting journey, both literally and figuratively.’

Tennis through John’s Eyes

Tennis isn’t a sport John plays, but he loves to watch it, and Wimbledon is in London too, which not too far from his house. His favourite player is Maria Sharapova. He loves boxing and table tennis. ‘It is so comforting to watch the white ball bounce from one side of the table to another. It helps to take a break and relax’.

The Rising Star of John Newman

John Newman’s début hit ‘Love Me Again’ took him to the top of the UK Singles Chart in 2013. His hits are present in the top charts on dozens of countries, including Russia. The singer is referred to as ‘a new face of British soul music’.

St. Petersburg is a Number One City in Russia for John Newman

John has been to St. Petersburg. His first concert in Russia was held there in 2014. He found the city absolutely beautiful; welcome heartwarming, and the Russian girls charming. No wonder the invitation to come back was accepted without long deliberations. John has performed in Moscow as well: at the Day of Moscow in 2015 and at the Park Live festival in 2016.

Positive Thinking

The charming Brit believes in positive thinking: ‘The worst word that could exist is the word ‘no’. I try to avoid it as much as I can.” The singer thinks that a lot in life depends on luck: ‘Destiny gives us chances, the most important is not to miss them.’

Here is your chance to listen to the special style of British Soul in St. Petersburg. Welcome to the Closing Ceremony of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy that takes place on the day of the finals, 5 February.

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